Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happier every single day

You know, the best thing about this practice is always knowing what to do when you have a problem. It's so simple. Chant. you'll feel better and the circumstances will also change. There is no doubt about it. just keep moving forward and don't give up. So far, there has been nothing in my life that I could not change when I sat and chanted about it...
I created and prospered in great and fun jobs. I served on various boards of directors, I made many income goals...
I gave birth to two great boys. I chanted for them before they were born...I chanted that my prayers would change their karma even before they were born...and that they would have dreams and pursue them...and be strong...and that I would be a good, wise compassionate mother to many other things.
What a joy it has been to be raising them as Buddhists. From their very first years, when they had problems we would chant together, and they learned that there was no problem they could not solve. They solved problems with bullies, they have chanted for tests and grades...they have alleviated bad dreams, they have reached personal goals! How incredibly wonderful it is to have given them this tool. I think continually how I would have chanted to change my problems when I was a sad, sad teenager. I would have loved this practice...I looked for it, and finally I found it at the age of 25. A little too late for high school, but not for the rest of my life!
What else have I chanted about? To have friends. People who know me now cannot imagine me as I used to be...friendless and sad. I sat in front of my altar and cried, I vowed to change in any way necessary to have friends...I chanted for real friends. And here I am now...with so many truly dear friends, all over the world.
I have changed so much...I have lost 70 pounds and am keeping it off. I'd call that a miracle, but because I chant the law of cause and effect, I know it is not a "miracle" because I made the causes to make it happen.
How great it is to live knowing that there is not a problem I can't solve...not a hurt I can't make go away...sure, I am not perfect, and I am still working on some things...but I know I will get there and that makes life so exciting! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

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