Thursday, June 27, 2013

Become a Light of Hope and you will be Victorious!!!

YES! Congratulations Soka university Class of 2013!  

This post is derived largely from the 
June 14th World Tribune celebrating the graduation. 

Soka University, Los Angeles was founded by Daisaku Ikeda and opened in 2001. In 2013 Soka was named as one of the top 50 finest liberal arts colleges in the country by U.S. News and World Report. They also ranked Soka #1 in Faculty Resources, #2 in Foreign Support Factor ( with 42% of students coming from outside the U.S.), #2 in Ethnic Diversity and #8 in Best Value School. 

The June 14th World Tribune has wisdom for us all:

In his address to the class of 2013, Soku University of America President Dr. Habuki noted that the song "The Light of Hope," which Dr. Ikeda wrote and dedicated to SUA, speaks of his hopes and expectations for the school's graduates to become the "light of hope" wherever they go. How do they do this? 
The key, Dr. Habuki said, is to become a person who works for the sake of others. 

"When you center everything and base things only on yourself, it becomes much easier to give up, because you will only disappoint yourself." he said. "When your efforts are for the sake of other people and society, you become far more determined to succeed. Like those of you who are the first college graduate in your family, I am sure you worked harder because of your families. 
"After today, you will soon leave the campus where you lived for four years, and I know there will be many challenges ahead," he continued. "There will be occasions when you will feel defeated or stuck. During those times, always remember those who have supported and believed in you, and those waiting for you in society - your parents, your friends and the people of the world. Let this become the basis of your strength."

Dr. Habuki, President of Soka University. 

We can all take this message to heart. When we are chanting we can focus on fulfilling our dreams not just for ourselves, but also to be a beacon of hope for others. 

When I started this blog in 2009 I was determined to overcome my deep-seated and life-long sadness, not just for myself, but for my members, for my friends and for anyone who might be reading this blog. Every day I chanted to root the cause of this sadness and despair out of my life FOREVER. And now, I am just amazed at my life every single day. I am victorious. 
I have defeated my biggest internal demon  - I no longer suffer from depression and sadness! 

Having a strong determination for the sake of other people is one of the golden keys to happiness. Thank you for saying it so succinctly Dr. Habuki and good luck to all the Soka U graduates!!!!

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