Monday, April 1, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

Thanks for posting this on Facebook, Tomell.

It makes Chicago look like the Emerald City (minus the green). I've always loved the fact that on either side of the John Hancock building (the tallest one on the left of this photo)  the buildings each scale down in size so nicely, making a building style version of Mt. Fuji. Can you see it?

I live in the Western Suburbs -  somewhere around where this picture was taken. 

Beyond the tall buildings is Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. Being on a boat on a hot summer night watching the sun go down over the city, and the golden lights of the skyline emerge, is one of the most glorious experiences. Being at the top of the John Hancock building in the surprisingly inexpensive Signature Lounge at twilight is another inexplicable delight.

This Monday morning I am chanting about what would inspire each of you the most. I've been chanting for quite a while. I chant at least an hour before writing each day. I chant to tap into my highest wisdom so I can offer you something of value for your day. I think of what President Ikeda would say to you.

This morning I just opened my book "Faith in Action" to the pages on Gongyo and Daimoku.

These passages from Daisaku Ikeda really inspire me, so I'll share them with you. From page 116:

"Gongyo is a practice that calls forth and activates the infinite power the microcosm (each person) inherently possesses. It transforms your fate, breaks through any apparent dead end and converts suffering into happiness. It creates a transformation, a revolution of the microcosm. It is a diagram in miniature of kosen-rufu in our lives. "

Page 118:

"The air around us is full of radio wave of various frequencies. While these are invisible, a television set can collect them and turn them into visible images. The practice of chanting Daimoku to the Gohonzon aligns the rhythm of our own lives with the rhythm of Buddhahood in the universe. It "tunes" our lives, so to speak, so that we can manifest the power of Buddhahood in our very beings."

Have a great and powerful Monday. 
Happy April! 

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