Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PowerPrayer for Overcoming Constant Hunger and for Permanent Weight Loss

I have gotten lots of feedback from the before and after pictures of myself I posted on Sunday. I know there are many who have tried over and over to lose weight, only to be discouraged in the end. Without going into detail here about living overweight in a society that sees overweight people as legitimate targets for scorn and shame, let me just say that I have experienced the pain that goes along with this my whole life. 

It all changed for me when I really accepted and embraced the fact that if I had this problem, well, then it truly HAD to be my mission to change it and to help others. That's what problems are FOR, after all, when you're a practicing Buddhist. But, as many of you know, some problems go away quickly when you chant about them. Some do not. Some take extraordinary perseverance and determination. 
For me, weight loss was one of these problems. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with the clear determination to overcome this problem ~ and Not ever giving up ~ was the key!

It still amazes me that I am FREE of this suffering. I am no longer hungry all the time. I don't hunger in the same way for anything. I have absolutely raised my life condition, enjoy shopping for clothes and am happy with the way I look. I'm always improving my health and strength, but it's fun, not a chore. I have DONE the impossible. 

Julia, my writing partner and I both have a shared karma around this subject. We have different experiences but they stem from the same core longing. We wrote this PowerPrayer for you, and for the book. At some point we will be offering personal weight loss coaching and other tools as well. 

As always, I am very interested to hear your results. And believe me, there is noting I would rather do than help be a catalyst for YOU to overcome this suffering once and for all. If I can do it, so can YOU!

PowerPrayer for Overcoming Constant Hunger 
and for Permanent Weight Loss

I am determined to grip this karma 
of insatiable hunger for food by its root, 
yank it out of my life and throw it away forever. 
Everything I need to make this happen 
comes to me right now 
with each Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I chant.
I am now filling the space within me 
with the fulfillment my soul needs. 
I nourish my body with the best possible foods for me 
and I nourish my soul by doing the things I love:
I’m too busy enjoying my life 
to think about food the way I used to. 
I find comfort in so many things besides food. 
I’m strong enough to turn to my spiritual practice 
in the most effective way, 
and turn my hunger into the hunger for enlightenment. 

I am really proud of myself 
and I reward myself in many deeply satisfying ways:

I turn my thoughts 
to all the things I appreciate about my body 
and about me:

I now experience the enlightened state of hunger: 
I hunger for the happiness of all people.
I happily embrace the challenge 
of transforming my body
for the sake of sharing the power of this practice 
with everyone I know! 

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