Thursday, July 25, 2013

PowerPrayer for Perceiving Benefit ~ An Excerpt from our Upcoming Book

PowerPrayer for Perceiving Benefit

Seeing IS believing.

As Nichiren Buddhists our faith is based on actual proof that our prayers are having a very concrete and tangible positive effect on our lives. But, we must be open, able and willing to perceive those effects to appreciate the benefit of our practice. We know for sure that during our first few months of the practice we received tons of benefits but something within us sought to dismiss them as coincidences because part of us just could not believe that it was really happening.

Here is a short PowerPrayer that can stand alone or can be incorporated in any of the other prayers to help you perceive your benefits and relish your actual proof.

PowerPrayer to be able to see benefit

My eyes are opening. 
I can now see and recognize the effects of my prayer. 
It's stunning to me. 
Things are starting to happen 
that have never happened before in my life! 
I write down everything that I want 
and I write down the date 
and I give thanks when it happens. 
I am establishing a personal written record of the benefits
that are now undeniably piling up 
and sparkling in my life. 

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