Thursday, July 11, 2013

PowerPrayer for Releasing Resistance to Change

This post contains one of the most important PowerPrayers. I think many of us (me included) have what many religions call "attachments" to the way we see things, and the way we think things ARE. 
To really be able to change our lives, we have to be courageous and willing to release fear of the unknown and step into change. 
Last fall I was reading Louise Hay's seminal book You Can Heal Your Life. This is a book I have kept close to me ever since discovering it many years ago. Louise is an amazing human, one of the people I most revere. In the 80s she was one of the first to work with people with AIDS.  She is also the founder of Hay House Publishing which publishes Doreen Virtue, another of my favorite writers. 

So I came across the affirmation "Release my resistance to change." and I thought "Wow, this is really powerful. What would happen if I chanted this way?" And I tried it. Immediately my life shifted drastically and I was given the time and space to write my Treasure Map of PowerPrayers for you. 

I warn you! This prayer, along with chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo may shake up your life a bit. But if you are courageous and you have a strong practice (meaning you chant every day, twice a day, are connected to the SGI, and are going to meetings, study President Ikeda's guidance and the Gosho and encourage others to chant), you might be as appreciative of this powerful prayer as I am! 

Please let me know how this PowerPrayer works for you. I deeply appreciate all your letters and posts. I will be using many of your testimonials in the book. You and your feedback and support are crucial to helping this book and blog reach people who are looking for solutions...seeking Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Your efforts at sharing this blog and emailing the link to people, liking the Facebook page "Chant for Happiness" and sending me your thoughts are so important! My email is 

Power Prayer 
Releasing Resistance to Change

I chant to release my resistance to change 
and to be willing to change from the inside out. 

I am now open to changing in any way 
that will help me to be a shining beacon of light and hope 
to myself and those around me. 
I now find the experience of change deeply pleasurable! 
I love it. 
I love the sensation of changing 
and becoming a happier and more beautiful person 
and inspiring 
that same kind of change in everyone in my life.
My inner wisdom and intuition is blossoming. 
I can hear it, 
I trust in it, and I love to see the effect in my life! 

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