Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PowerPrayer to Eradicate the Karma of Unrequited (unreturned) Love

PowerPrayer to Eradicate 
the Karma 
of Unrequited Love

Life! I now release and permanently eradicate 
any vestige of the karma of loving someone who doesn’t love me. 

With my daimoku 
I am making this impossible to ever happen again. 
I am reformatting my whole grid so that I respond only to happy, healthy loving people who can love me in return. 

I release the bonds that I have felt with _________
and bless them on their way. 

I convert the energy of those bonds to free myself from pain and create a REAL LOVING RELATIONSHIP with someone really worthy of my love. 

I no longer equate love with pain!

I no longer feel powerless where love is concerned. 
I feel PowerFULL! 

I release all resistance to really feeling powerful and worthy of love. 

I deserve to have love. 
I am a fantastic loving, wise and kind person. 
I am ready to receive an abundance of love. 

It is time for my admirers to arise in joy. 

I receive them in appreciation and delight! 


  1. Wonderful Jamie! Sometimes it gets difficult to fight this but well these are the words I am going to read everyday in front of the Gohonzon!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this. *Thank you* so much for writing and sharing it!