Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Can Make the Impossible Possible...and Help Others to do the Same!

That's me in the middle with my aunt and my Mom. This was taken right after I moved back to the Chicago area to help my Mom take care of my blind aunt. I do believe weight is genetic, yes? But that doesn't mean you can't make the impossible possible! (I still equate losing weight as the hardest thing I have ever done - and only those of us who have experienced this personally would know what I mean) 
Me with my sister around 2003
Here's a more recent picture of me. I am loving my life! 

The reason I write this blog is very simple. 

I have accomplished the impossible in my life, and I live every moment to help you see that you can accomplish the impossible in your life too. 

What is impossible? I think "the impossible" is different for every person according to their karma. And the beautiful thing about this practice is that you can change that impossible karma, no matter what it is, and make the impossible possible. 

What was impossible for me? Two things come immediately to mind. Depression and Weight. That's right. I suffered from depression and hopelessness my entire life. And fear. As far as I can tell, I was just born with these tendencies. I may have even chosen, before I came into this lifetime, to have these exact problems, so that once I overcame them I could help others overcome them too. I've often felt that way about the weight too. Being an overweight woman in America is a type of prison sentence. And I was overweight all my life until a few years ago.

I searched for many years for the spiritual solution to these problems. And I kept coming up with dead ends until I found THIS Buddhism. 
I mean I searched with my whole life. During High School and College I was on this spiritual search. All I wanted to study were religions, philosophies, spiritual studies. You name a spiritual study and I probably have spent some time researching it. And I did get some good information that I still use and helped to create the concept of PowerPrayers. My appreciation is immense to Catherine Ponder of the Unity School and the wise and wonderful Louise Hay. Tony Robbins' work was invaluable to me, and for quite some time Werner Erhard also had an impact in my ability to live life fully. 

But I really wanted a spiritual PRACTICE that would work for me CONSISTENTLY. Meaning, I wanted a practice that could enable me to make the impossible possible - help me lose the weight and end the depression. 
All the spiritual practices I found told me something I disagreed with: 

I just could not accept the concept that my own desires were the cause of my suffering.
I had to move to San Francisco to find this wonderful SGI Buddhism that said my desires were enlightenment and that through chanting for them them I could be happy. YES. That worked for me! Chant for what you WANT? Exactly! 

So I've spent the rest of my life helping others who are also searching for their personal guide to happiness. That's why I started this blog and am writing my book. We have so much more technology today to help people. 

I know there are people sitting at their computes all over the world and thinking: "I KNOW the key to happiness must be in here somewhere!" And it IS! 
Please help us all to spread the word about chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo by forwarding this blog's url to your friends and "liking" the Facebook page Chant for Happiness, and sharing your favorite posts. 
There are still so many who are sad, or abused, or unhappy! We can help them together. You, and me and our wonderful SGI family are ready to show others the way out of misery. It is our greatest joy and the fastest way to change our karma. Isn't that great? We do both at the same time! 

And, I can tell you my weight problems are gone. And, after being depressed and on anti-depressants for years I know longer take any medications and am truly, truly happy. 

And there are a few impossible things I am chanting for right now, true love and my work spreading the word about this practice to increase. Including having the book I'm writing with Julia Landis be an overwhelming success so that we can help more people learn about Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. I am absolutely confident that I will make the impossible possible in those areas too! Absolutely confident. 

Please be confident in your own ability to make the impossible possible! 

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this. My weight loss is part of this year's Actual Proof Campaign and it was so wonderful to read your experience. Of course, I know it can be done through the practice, but receiving this encouragement today was truly wonderful. THANK YOU