Monday, July 15, 2013

Power Prayer for Living in Appreciation

Today, July 15th, 2013, would have been my Mom's 80th birthday. In honor of her, I offer you one of the PowerPrayers from the book Julia and I are almost done writing for you, 

Your Own Treasure Map:
PowerPrayers for Chanting for Your Absolute Happiness

Since Mom was such an appreciative spirit, she found the good in everything. When she was young she had rheumatic fever which resulted in her having continual heart and lung problems when she got older. Even in our numerous medical appointments she would do her best to make every nurse the doctor smile. Mom was full of love and appreciation, and loved nothing better than chanting with me and her grandsons. 

In honor of my Mom I offer you the PowerPrayer Julia and I wrote together for you, and I am chanting for you to have a week filled with appreciation for yourSELF, all those around you, and for you to find something wonder-ous in every single moment. 

PowerPrayers are meant to be read just before you chant the name of the rhythm of life itself, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo so you can have a joyous focus in your chanting. 

PowerPrayer for Living in Appreciation ~

Oh, Thank You! Oh!

As I am chanting I am feeling the happiness
comes from living in a deep state of appreciation.
As I have practiced and studied Buddhism, 
I have become more and more aware of the Mystic beauty and connection in all of life.
My heart is glad so often because of benefits and I have learned to chant as a way of saying thank you. 
Oh, thank you to my own life!
Even when I am in distress I am already thanking the Gohonzon (my life) because I've never seen it fail. 
I know greater good will follow any challenge!

So I am even appreciating the times of challenge 
as much as the myriad benefits
to self, 
                 and life, 
                             my Daimoku has garnered.
I am opening of my heart 
                 and my eyes. 
                              I see beauty all around me. 

I enjoy each moment of my life  
and I feel its spaciousness. 
My life is deeply nourishing to me now. 
What greater appreciation is there to feel?
The ruby of my heart treasure gleams.

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