Friday, July 26, 2013

Four year Anniversary of my First Post on

Hello! At the end of July in 2009 I began this blog with a determination to chant 2 hours a day, solve several lifelong problems and take the world along with me - so that I could inspire others to chant. At the time, I was suffering from deep sadness, and I had a pain in my hip that had been bothering me for several years. I was scared  of surgery, and had been told I needed a hip replacement even though I am so young. (They think the cause of my hip problem stemmed from a scooter accident in San Francisco in 1988). I was still trying everything to avoid surgery...physical therapy, massage, energy healing, name it. But the pain persisted. I was determined to change my deepest karma, and inspire others. 

Right after I began this blog, and my two-hour a day Daimoku Campaign I was asked to help lead the Downers Grove SGI District. Later that fall my blog readers followed my posts as my sweet Mommy died. Even though it was sad, it was also inspiring how we chanted her to her next journey. And in 2010 my Daimoku gave me the courage to have the surgery and walk pain free. I felt surrounded by protection. I have accomplished everything on my list from my determinations, but I am not stopping blogging! You are all a part of my life now. Every time I chant, I chant for all of you. I chant to be able to inspire you and for you to be able to use my blog to inspire others to chant. And together we are helping people become happy and changing the world. As you know, I love hearing from you, and hear from many of you often. Many mornings I wake up to your messages of thanks. I live a wonderful life ! 

I am now offering individual coaching by phone and by email. If you email me at I will explain how that works. 

I thought you might want to read the first blog I ever posted so I'm reprinting it here: 

July 30, 2009

Join me!
I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 
(pronounced Nahm Meeyoho Raingay Kyo)
It means - I fuse my life with the law of cause and effect through sound vibration, or I am one with the flow of life, or I am the Buddha myself! Chanting these words has a profound and practical impact on my life....and it can on anyone's life.
When you chant these words you tap into the eternal universe that's already inside you...the one you know is there, that you've always known is there. Chanting these words allows you to tap the great power you have always had.
On October 20th of 2009 I will have been chanting these words every day...twice a day for 25 years! Between now and October 20th I will be chanting two hours every single day. By October 20th I will have chanted a million daimoku (pron: diemoku, and it means chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo over and over) with a goal to accomplish many dreams:

Here are my determinations:
I wish to inspire others through sharing my heart, my struggles and my successes.
I wish to share the heart of my mentor Daisaku Ikeda (President of the Soka Gakkai International) with the world.
I will release my life from the underlying sadness I have always felt...the sadness that has no name and no real cause. I believe I was born with this sadness, and that it is my mission in this life to free myself from it.
I will have a body that is pain free! I will be able to move in any way I want. For several years I have been battling with a painful right leg. I believe it is arthritis, but I keep thinking I can solve the pain through some other means than surgery. I have never had surgery and never want to have it!
I will be on the way to losing the rest of the weight I've been challenged with my entire life. (I've already lost 50 pounds).
I will naturally attract opportunities that delight me!
I will make lots of new friends and connections!
I will become a published author!

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  1. Hi,

    This blog helped me alot in every phase of my lyfe....I see more changes in my day to day activities by this devine practice and i feel so lucky to be a part of this family....I go through each blog posted everyday which inspires me to move forward with courage...
    Thanks to my Mentor