Friday, July 19, 2013

The More You Focus ~ The More Powerful Your Life!

When we chant we are doing something very important. We are tuning our lives to the rhythm of life itself. We are calling forth the harmony of the spheres from within our lives and using our determination to focus on what we want to create or to change. 

The focus you bring to bring to this sacred ceremony of communing with your life force is very important. In the last week I have received emails from people who have told me they chant at work or in front of the computer. I appreciate these people for having the sincerity of heart to write to me. And I had to tell them that chanting this way will not bring the human revolution they are seeking. 

If we are serious about changing our lives, if we really want our desires fulfilled and to live in a state of appreciation we just have to put our lives first and our practice FIRST in our lives. 

This practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo should take place twice a day, every morning and evening with our full concentration. No cell phone, no texting, no television, no driving. Nothing. Focused concentration while intoning the name of the mystic law which has always been within our lives. We ARE Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, but if we treat chanting in a casual way and only chant in the will not resonate as deeply in our lives. 

Two members in my district recently started chanting consistently twice a day. They are so excited about the changes in how they feel and how their environment is responding to them. It's truly something you have to have to experience; no one can explain it to you !

What can you do starting right this very second that will deepen your concentration and focus? What can you commit to yourSelf that you will do? 

I always say that the more I "work" at my practice, the less I have to "work" in life. And the work you put into this practice comes back into your life in so many marvelous ways! Don't trust me on's something you have to experience for yourself! 

As Daisaku Ikeda states:

"It is not a question of your environment, 
those around you, 
or what the organization or leaders may be like. 
To be swayed by such externals is pointless. 
It all comes down to one person: you. 
What matters is that you become a brilliant beacon, 
shining with joy and happiness, 
and live your life with confidence and courage. 
If you shine with radiant light, 
there can be no darkness in your life."

Faith in Action, P. 8

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