Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PowerPrayer to Establish a Strong Buddhist Practice for Chanting My Way to Happiness!

Establishing our strong Buddhist practice will lead us to happiness for ourselves and others, and to a happier world for all. Establishing a strong practice is not "hard" or difficult to figure out. It just requires putting OurSelves, and our practice first, so that we can be more useful to the world, and HAPPY! 
Absolute Happiness is the goal of chanting....establishing such a strong life-condition that no matter what happens we are unswayed and possess strong determination. 
Julia and I wrote this PowerPrayer for you yesterday. Please give me feedback on how this strengthens your practice for the book we are writing. 

PowerPrayer to Establish 
a Strong Buddhist Practice 
for Chanting My Way to 
Absolute Happiness! 

I will do Gongyo and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
every morning and every evening 
no matter what. 
I will no longer allow anything to stop me! 
I am establishing the strongest practice imaginable 
and I am becoming so fully resourced in self esteem 
that I fully commit to myself:
I keep my promise 
to myself 
first and foremost 
with the understanding that I can only really love/help others 
when I myself have become strong and self-loving.
And it’s very natural for me now 
to share Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
because my life is overflowing with benefits. 

The more I chant, the more I want to chant. 
I look forward to my time with myself 
dialoguing with my own life
and discovering who I really am. 
I feel the connection more deeply every time I chant. 
I see actual proof that my self esteem is rising:

Nothing can stop me from getting to discussion meetings 
and studying SGI periodicals and books. 
I love studying because it makes me a better person. 
Study helps me to see the connection between my chanting 
and what I see happening in my life. 
What a privilege! 

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