Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chant Strongly...Don't Whisper to Your Own Life!

Does it make a difference how loudly you chant? 

Can you chant in a whisper or under your breath? can chant any way you like of course. If there are sleeping babies in the next room or you have some other reason that your chanting with full vigor would be detrimental to someone, then  there are times you need to chant softly. 

But if you are chanting softly for no real reason...maybe you still think chanting is kind of weird, or no one ever told you to chant with strength and vigor - let me be the first! 

When you are chanting you are directly addressing your own life...and through your own life you are connecting with the entire universe. 

Make yourself heard! 

Chant strongly and proudly! 

You are the Lotus Flower rising from the muddy water...spread your petals wide and let your voice fill the room, 
fill the house, 
fill your universe! 

If you really, really, really, can't do this at home, do your best to concentrate on your prayer, and do not worry about anything. You will get the results and the benefits. Do not be shy about telling your life what you need. And remember that true happiness comes not only from achieving what we need, but also by growing, and helping others! You are a Buddha! You deserve exactly what you want. 
And then, if you are in your car alone, (or someplace private) just let 'er rip! 
Chant as loudly and as powerfully as you can. I do not mean scream! I mean tap into your whole body...feel your chant come from deep in your belly and rise through every chakra. 
Sit up as straight as you can and feel the energy flowing! Once you get started you will not want to stop! 

I'm not sure why, and maybe there is some kind of good reason for this, but the more I chant...the more I want to chant! I feel as if I am tapping into a deep reservoir of hope and health, life and vibrancy and possibility...not just for myself, but for my loved ones, my members and all of you. 

We are all so magnificent. We can think of ourselves as standing in front of a huge crowd of people. In front of us is a big heavy door representing the karma that we want to break through and change. All the people behind us are waiting expectantly with hope shining in their eyes for US to open the door, so everyone can flow though into the sunlight, into the warmth. We are so precious and we all have such incredible missions. We need to constantly remind ourselves that ANYTHING we are suffering from, any heartbreak, any hunger for someone or something, any job problems, any family problems...any challenges...they all exist for us to exercise our muscle of faith and become stronger. If those problems weren't there we would not have to chant and we couldn't shine ourselves and polish our lives! 

We need to have gratitude for the very things that make us suffer. I know. I know. Trust me! We can do it! We can do it together, for ourselves and for each other and for the entire planet. Kosen Rufu is everyone's dream...a world of respect for life and a higher vibration of happiness for all. That's our goal. That is what is in our hearts. Remember to chant for whatever you want and attach it to the goal of kosen rufu! I am always chanting to be happy so that I can inspire others that happiness is possible. Our lives have meaning when we can be lifting each other, holding hands, laughing, smiling, sometimes crying and always advancing with each other and with our Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda! 

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