Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kathy's Awesome Experience of Victory in finding a job!

Kathy is on the left, and Christine is on the right. Christine baked a cake for tonight's meeting and we're celebrating Kathy's Victory! See Below!

My name is Kathy Fisher.  On October 31st I will celebrate 33 years of practicing this awesome Buddhism.  

Last year on April 15, 2011, I lost my job due to my company downsizing its work force by a third due to losses.  I have been in the insurance Commercial Property and Casualty field for the past 22 years and was an Underwriting Supervisor for the past 5 years working for an insurance carrier. I had the polished resume, references and experience.

Two months prior to losing my job I was asked to be a Soka Gakkai  (SGI) Vice Chapter Leader in the West Chapter, Chicago Zone, and Central Territory.  Prior to being promoted I was the District Leader of the Downers Grove District. 

I presently live with my 2 sons one of which is disabled.  

I continued to chant daimoko, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, with the resolve I would not suffer from the obstacle of being laid off and out of work.  In my new leadership role I assumed more responsibilities and became more focused on member care on the chapter level.  Members would call me for guidance and encouragement since I was home on a regular basis.   This was such an awesome benefit in my life.  Never had I been so accessible to the members. I also had the ability to chant even more than ever on a daily basis. A dream was to able to clean our Illinois Activity Center in Wood Dale, IL for the first time ever I had the benefit of living that dream.  

I have worked so hard all of my life since high school and was now in a situation where I had been middle management and was an older person looking for work.  I made a nice salary as well in my former position.  I never had an issue finding employment in my life.  There have been occasions where I would be off, but not for long stretches of time in my employment. 

I was determined nothing would be an obstacle.  I went on interviews for great positions only to hear someone else was chosen.  I also came to realize that I was facing age discrimination.  Many of my friends and family had experienced this discrimination and were forced into early retirement.  Another obstacle was the fact that I was middle management and was overqualified for some of the positions I was apply for.  To say the least this was very demoralizing and exhausting. I had to remain optimistic with a fighting attitude that I would not be defeated by this obstacle.  

See I was chanting for my retirement job not just any job.  I would have the whole package and nothing less.  I was going to have the job with all the bells and whistles.  Awesome benefits, would work in a thriving positive environment, be appreciated, and show powerful actual proof in my life by practicing this Buddhism.  Everything happens for a reason in our lives.  Firmly believing in this spurred me on in my practice.  I knew in my heart my prayers would be answered.

Months turned into a year and a year into 16 months.  I realized just what a crazy exhausting life I had up until now.  Working so very hard without taking time off had become my way of life.  I came to realize I was exactly where I needed to be for World Peace.  

I reaffirmed my vow to my mentor, President Ikeda that this would be a win in my life to overcome my obstacle.  “On Attaining Buddhahood In This Lifetime” written by President Ikeda became a deeper part of my life.  In Chapter 3, page 25 is a very profound quote I started applying to my life, “Indeed, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can be likened to a “wish-granting jewel.”  How can we develop the boundless state of life that enables us to bring forth whatever strength is necessary?  President Toda often used to say, “If you really want to achieve such a state of life, you have to fight with every ounce of your being for the Lotus Sutra, for kosen-rufu!”  President Toda also stressed the importance of living true to oneself.

During the May Contribution campaign I went and applied for a widow pension which was a benefit I did not know if I qualified for due to my son’s disability through Social Security.  This was 2 weeks prior to the end of the campaign.  I was qualified instantly and it was not linked to his benefits.  I was able to contribute 5 times the amount during this campaign, the most ever in my practice.  This was another dream come true.

On July 28th I attended a meeting at our Illinois Activity Center for a Leader’s Meeting with Linda Johnson, SGI National Women’s Division Leader. For years I have chanted to meet her and dialogue.

After the meeting I was introduced to her.  I was living my dream.  She graciously thanked me for all my efforts for SGI.  I was able to share my obstacle with her and determined to her I would not be defeated by this obstacle and the discrimination I was experience. I would make the impossible possible in my life.  She told me to never give up and told me she would be chanting for my complete success.  What a benefit in my life!

I continued to chant and interview with the determination of a lion for kozen-rufu.  I knew in my heart I would win completely.  In all my years I have never been defeated by anything.  

Prayers are answered exactly when they are suppose to be and complete faith and continuous daimoku is the key to winning.  

My complete victory manifested today on August 15, 2012.  I start my new job on August 27, 2012.  I will have fantastic benefits, hours, and very positive work environment.  I will have the opportunity to take on underwriting responsibilities.  Here is another surprise I have always wanted to truly learn the underwriting aspect of the insurance world.  Another dream has come true.  I never once suffered financially during this entire experience.  

Please never give up, resolve to show actual proof, embrace your SGI family, enjoy and appreciate every obstacle and benefit alike in your life.  You are the Buddha and more powerful than you realize.  A very special thank you to my family, friends, and SGI family you are all simply the best!


  1. What an awesome session to attend, there was so much to celebrate! Kathy and Kamala's stories were inspiring,our guest speaker was outstanding and Christine's cake was heavenly! Thanks for a great meeting!

  2. Wonderful testimony of the power of NMRK, faith, and ambition.....

  3. I am beginner and wanted to chant because i am childless for last 6 yrs... My husband and myself desperately want to have child.

    Its been only a month i am chanting from.

    One of my friend asked me to chant and it will happen.

    I started chanted from 5 min and now I chant 30 min morning and evening..

    Still want to experince something....thru chanting

  4. Just what I needed to read. I am in the same position right now and Kathy's words has given me the encouragement I need to not give up

  5. Really needed to read this, I'm going through what Kathy has gone through right now and feeling demoralized and discouraged after two years of trying to find a job. Kathy's words have given me hope that I, too, will prevail. I have re-determined my prayer and effort to find the right job for Kosen Rufu and for me.