Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You can Chant for Anything! Here's a Benefit!

Experience from a reader: 

"I just wanted to let you know I did put Gohonzon in my house on 18 july and I continue to chant twice a day on your blog so basically I feel I'm chanting with you every day. My son and my husband chant with me at night before we sleep. I see little change in my son he is calmer than before and will keep you posted always about my life. I read all your blogs I think you write beautifully and forward it to the other people too. My son had made a drastic mistake in summer he forgot the date of project for his on line class and did not submit the project and the project was due on 3 august and he mistook it for 23. He realized that after 5 days when teacher put missed project on line. The teacher had said clearly he would give some marks if it's delayed for 4 days but after that it will be a 0 and realized after 5 days so was crying that his grade will be really bad even if he got 95 or 100 in the three left quizzes. I  went and started chanting  in front of my gohnzon and said please give him some marks and not a 0 and teacher replied back saying he could maximum get 40 if he still did project then he did the project same day and sent it to him and got A's in the rest of 3 quizzes . He got 40 in the project and ended up with a B+ which is better than a C or a B- which he may have ended up for his carelessness and learnt a big lesson of his life since he has two more on line classes this semester. I just wanted to share this small experience with you.
I really want my kids to turn up like your kids you are my inspiration.

How wonderful! Your whole family is chanting!!! And what a great benefit. You really turned that situation around! You will all be seeing so many benefits in your lives by chanting together. You are in rhythm! 

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