Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everything is a Benefit!

That's Right! 

Everything is a benefit when you're in rhythm, chanting twice a day with all your heart, introducing others to the practice, studying President Ikeda's writings and the Gosho and going to SGI meetings! 

One of the members in my district has introduced three people to the practice in the last few months. A few days ago her nanny quit and of course, it was very upsetting. It reminded me of the time when I caught my nanny stealing from us and we had to fire her. It was awful! Emotionally wrenching etc. Then the most beautiful, wonderful woman came into our lives to nurture our children. Danielle has been like family ever since then! She taught me so much about compassionate child rearing. I learned so much from this delightful earth-mother who makes her own play-doh and knows exactly how to help children make great art! She teaches children to "use your words" and shows them incredible respect...even when they are having an emotional moment...or two! And she called me on my birthday two years ago and said "Jamie, I want to start chanting and I want to hold Buddhist meetings in Cloverdale California!" She is doing just that! And a few weeks ago her MOTHER received her Gohonzon and is chanting too! 

Losing my nanny was upsetting, but I knew something better was coming! At the time I was a district leader, teaching people to chant, following President Ikeda's guidance, hosting meetings in my house...the whole nine yards (as we say in America). 

It's never too late to get into the rhythm of faith! It's never too late to go to your first SGI meeting, or go back to the center. Last night we had six visitors and a surprise guest after the meeting. Why? Because we are all glowing with faith and happiness. We are all unstoppable and so are you!!! 

And remember - it might not look like a benefit - but when you are chanting and making good will turn into a benefit  --- if you don't give up!!!

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