Monday, August 6, 2012

It is a Gorgeous Day Today! Chant for ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!

The view from my terrace.

It's just a wonderful day. I am filled with confidence and optimism. I had a great weekend with my family and with YOU, my readers. I answered a lot of emails and that makes me feel so good. I chanted with many members. Every moment of my life is a cause for good! And because I know that life is cause and effect, I know that my life is progressing just as it should. 

On Friday, and part of last week I was kind of worried about some impending bad health news. On Friday I heard pretty much what I expected. It wasn't great. It wasn't life threatening. It won't stop me from being productive and working. I just have to go through regular chiropractic and do some physical therapy. I will turn poison into medicine! My back has been in pain for a long time. Through these treatments I will greatly alleviate the pain.  And you know what? I am a Buddhist. I can ROAR like a LION and I will! 

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a lion, what sickness can therefor be an obstacle?"

I have witnessed many people overcoming things that are so much worse. 

In a recent World Tribune there was an experience of a man diagnosed with MS. Through his determination he has gone many years with hardly any symptoms at all. I have seen my friend Julia go from a state of almost dying, to one of vibrant health in less than two years. She's working again, she's bringing forth her incredible talent as a musician and getting healthier  every single day!

Today is a gloriously beautiful day. Ben is still in town for one more week, and one of my shakubukus us coming over to chant tonight. What could be better? 

There's a common thread in your emails to me. It seems that many of you find it hard to believe that you can truly chant for anything that you want. You are censoring your desires and saying "No, I really should not have that desire." and I want to tell you again that all your desires are good. 

Even if you THINK what you want may be unobtainable or somehow not worthy of your Daimoku, and even if you feel guilty for having this desire, please realize that Earthly Desires are Enlightenment. Chanting for what YOUR REALLY WANT, and chanting to raise your life condition will lead you to the enlightened state where you will be able to see over your desires, and be free of suffering. 

Seriously, it worked for me. I chanted many years for a desire many would have said I should not have. But I did. And I chanted sincerely. I am a stronger and wiser person now...a better person for chanting for those desires. Do not doubt your heart. Do not doubt your prayer. 
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is unlimited. 

Chant to overcome your DISBELIEF!!! 
Chant to overcome your DISBELIEF!!! 

You are unlimited! 

Rid yourself of guilt. 

Chant that you can have your desires fulfilled so that you can lead others to Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and the Soka Gakkai! Chant to show actual proof of this practice and you can't go wrong!!!

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    I live in Sydney, Australia and I read your blog daily because it truly is inspirational so thank you so much for writing it.

    I was first introduced to SGI some years ago. I chanted for a few months, then had to move to new area and for one thing and another I stopped chanting.

    Out of the blue years later, I just started chanting again on my own. It 'felt right' to do so but I could hardly understand my compulsion to do so.

    I made contact with a local group in my area but because of work commitments and not feeling totally comfortable in the group I stopped chanting again.

    About a month ago I again felt the intense desire to start chanting again which I have been doing on my own.

    It is true when you say that once that seed has been planted it is always there.

    In the last 10 years (I am 51 now)my life has taken some challenging turns resulting in a lot of suffering. Even though my life is still a challenge in many areas I always feel better when I chant consistently.

    I am going to continue chanting because doing so helps me to feel more at peace. I am still not sure about 'joining' the organisation formally. Although I can see the benefits I am not one to like 'organised religions' much. Maybe I just haven't come across the 'right' mentor yet. Do yo think I could/should chant for this or leave it to happen naturally?

    Thank you for all you do and looking forward to your book.