Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Make Your Mighty Determinations!


Why not? 

It's your life!

What is a determination? 

It's a goal, and it's a call of your spirit. It's a paragraph that conveys what you really want. 

When Kathy was chanting for her job she had a deep determination. She determined that she was going to find her retirement job...the job she'd stay in until she retired. She determined it would have all the bells and whistles, great benefits, the hours she wanted, the income she wanted...vacation etc. She determined it would be a "home" for her, full of warm people who appreciate her. She determined that it would be a job that showed actual proof of the Gohonzon and that it would inspire others to chant to achieve their goals. She also determined that while she was unemployed she and her family would not suffer in any way. 

All of these determinations were realized! 

She had her first day at her new job on Monday. It was amazing. She immediately felt welcomed. SHe got there early with the other early people, and discovered they have one of those cool gourmet one-cup-at-a-time coffee makers. At her last job they didn't have any coffee at all, and she had to bring a carafe from home. I know that's the tip of the iceberg for her. I know that each day she will reveal another benefit of this job. Last night she was invited out to a celebratory dinner with her co-workers. On her first day her boss called her in and said that her position had been open for a long, long time...and they had chosen her very carefully!!

Isn't that awesome?

What is YOUR determination? 

Would you like to share it with us? 

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