Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For the Broken Hearted - and for any other problem...There is HOPE!

So many of you write me in a world of pain over love. And, believe me, if anyone can understand what you are going through it is me. 

I am here to write you words of hope!

I am telling you RIGHT NOW that whatever you are suffering from...a lost love, heartache, a bad marriage, an abusive relationship, an unrequited love, the death of someone you loved...or any other can take all that pain and turn it into happiness. I KNOW! 

The key to happiness is realizing that whatever you are going through...WHATEVER you are going through can be used as fuel for growth and happiness when you chant about it in front of the Gohonzon (the scroll within our altar - a depiction of the highest life condition that exists within your own life and in the life of the universe) 

The key is this: the suffering already existed in your life. This person whom you think is causing you pain, is actually working as a karmic sponge to draw that pain out of your life forever. One day you may actually be grateful to them! 

The important thing to do is take responsibility for your own pain. Not blame! Responsibility. Realize that the pain you feel is your karma. Not blame. Not shame. Just your karma. You can change that karma right here, right now using this incredible practice. You don't have to figure out why the pain or karma is there. All you have to do is determine that you are done with that pain forever. And you have to redetermine this over and over in front of the Gohonzon until you change it. That is the real power of the practice. We chant every day - twice a day. I chant for a solid hour every single morning. President Ikeda says "The important thing is to KEEP CHANTING until your prayer is answered." Over and over again! Keep chanting. Keep refreshing your determination. Do not give up!

I had  turning point 2 months ago. I chanted for 4 1/2 hours at a tozo. (Long chanting session). As I was chanting I was telling my life "I am DONE with suffering! I am pulling this karma of unhappiness out of my life by the roots! I will no longer tolerate this unhappiness! I must change this karma so that I can give others hope that they can change their lives also. I must be happy!" As I was chanting I was picturing roots being ripped out of my body. I was literally feeling the change in my body and in my life. I chanted to BE THE BUDDHA OF ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS! 

Prayer leads to action. After this tozo I was able to take some actions that brought me to the amazing freedom and happiness I feel today. 

I have also been focusing on introducing others to this practice. If is so easy. When I am glowing from within people naturally are drawn to me to find out about it. When you are happy people want to know why! 

We just finished another amazing meeting of inspiring Buddhist SGI friends here at my house. There were 6 guests! People leave through the patio door in the summer. They are laughing and in high spirits after chanting together and sharing our successes and challenges and teaching the guests what we are doing. After everyone left I heard a voice from the other side of the bushes from my patio. "Excuse me, can you tell me do you teach something here." And it was someone I've never met, here to find out about chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! I answered her "I sure do teach something! I teach people how to be happy!" and I invited her in and told her she could access the power of the entire universe through chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and we chanted together. 

She is coming over again to chant. She is writing her list of what she wants in her life and she'll be chanting twice a day every day to make it happen. And she will change her life dramatically!

How wonderful is that! 

Become happy so you can fulfill your mission to help others be happy! 

You can do it! 


  1. Hi,
    Your posts always make me feel good. Although I'm sad today, you see Friday is my birthday and I realize that I've been forgotten. It feels like no one wants to do anything with me. I've always had someone,.I've always been there for others birthdays and it hurts. I know after a while birthdays dont count or for some aren't as important but I've always enjoyed a birthday. Maybe I've been spoiled, I think of others who may have never had a good birthday but I have and to not have that I'm sad.
    Anyway if I could have one birthday wish I truly wish I could be happy and fulfilled. Thank you for your kind words I truly enjoy them and when I feel sad I look to your words. I like that you're writing daily I look forward I know out must be heard but please don't stop.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Gohonzon always gives me what I need exactly when I need it...often in the form of guidance from you!

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Four months back i met dis amazing guy n we really fell for each othr. It was like i've been waitg for such a guy all my life. Bt due 2 my short temper & his evasive nature, we recently had a break up. I luv him a lot and knw dt hez my soulmate. We r vry mch alike - witty, spiritual, free spirited, passionate. Hez goin thru a bad patch in his life & said i shud luk for some1 else as he cant make me happy. I want him back in my life. Can nam myoho renge kyo help me get him bk? even i have several insecurities which coz me 2 be needy, clingy & possessive. i knw i need 2 work on them.