Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lots of great comments from YOU!

Thank you so much for writing me! A few of your comments came at exactly the right time for me. 
Please send me your experiences and your pictures.
Send them to

It's a tremendous CAUSE for YOU to have your experience posted on this blog! Just think of all the people you'll inspire!!!

Here are a few recent comments:

ANOTHER great post, thanks -- just shared it on my FB! The 10 Worlds concept reminds me of Abraham Maslow's pyramid and how marvelous it is that Buddhism was waaay ahead of "modern" concepts, again! on 
Getting rid of fear...a study of the TEN WORLDS

Wonderful testimony of the power of NMRK, faith, and ambition.....on Kathy's experience

I have found peace with myself chanting is doing wonders to me Thank you on Getting rid of fear...a study of the TEN WORLDS

Thank you on I know...Sometimes You Just have to KEEP HAVING HOPE

Thanks I am benefitting a lot say every morning with you recording God bless on Determination for Financial Fortune

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