Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Note to Us All from Sensei ~ Daisaku Ikeda

"One should not fall into the trap 
thinking that just by praying alone, 
everything will be all right. 
The true power of prayer is only manifested 
to its fullest extent 
when it is accompanied by action. 
Buddhism is a teaching of reason.
Your constant practice for yourself and for others 
will enable you to lead a true sense of fulfillment 
in the depths of your life. 
At the same time, 
you will greatly develop your life-condition. 
Such efforts in practice 
will also allow you to accumulate immeasurable benefits while setting your life on a course towards happiness. Please keep this in mind.
TO actively promote young people of outstanding ability 
to positions of responsibility, 
and allow them to give free rein to their potential, 
accords with the spirit of Buddhism. 
It is also the spirit of the... SGI, 
and it ought to be the spirit of each member-organization. The reason for this is that 
the dynamic activities of young people 
are the fundamental driving force for fresh development.
Having faith in the Gohonzon is important. 
When we as common mortals 
chant daimoku with sincere faith, 
our lives are naturally polished 
and come to emit the brilliance of Buddhahood. 
This brilliance is manifested 
in our daily lives 
in the form of benefits and good fortune, 
and inwardly 
as refreshing humanity, 
rich wisdom and 
vigorous life force.
LIFE is making practical efforts. 
It is challenging ourselves. 
It is advancing. 
Your youth will never come again. 
Please leave behind some achievement; 
please create something, 
as a record of your existence in this world.
By Daisaku Ikeda

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