Monday, August 5, 2013

Turn "Why Me?" to "Yes Me!"

Each one of us is a Boddhisatva of the earth. We are the ones here on earth proving the power of the law. 

We can take each one of our challenges and realize that it is our mission, our sacred beautiful mission to change our karma. Because we are interconnected with all of life (dependent origination), whenever we break through, we break through for our families, friends, for the web of life itself. 

When we can take our problems and elevate them to being our mission we have more power and strength. 

We can turn our lives from  "Why me? to YES ME!" and use or faith, and power in our daimoku to open the door through which many will flow after us. 

We are Boddhisatvas of the earth or we would not be chanting Daimoku. How lucky we are! But the minute we start saying "Why me?" and feeling sorry for ourselves we erode our strength and our life force drains our lives.

The next time you are wondering "Why me?" turn it into a "YES ME!" Embrace your challenges. You would not have them if you couldn't change them. 

In the February 15th World Tribune there was a message to the women and young women from SGI Honorary Women's Leader Kaneko Ikeda called "Precious Flowers Blooming in the Garden of Kosen Rufu." 

Kaneko Ikeda states: 

"Times of suffering are times when our faith is put to the test. Our Buddhist practice enables us to face such difficult and painful times with wisdom and fortitude and, supported by the warm encouragement of our fellow members, to move in a positive direction, a direction of hope and fresh growth. 

In his writings, the Daishonin teaches that we can lessen our karmic retribution through our efforts in faith to spread the Mystic Law. It can be said, therefore, that whatever daunting hardships and karmic trials may befall us, they appear precisely because we have the power to transform them. 

From the perpective of Buddhism, everything that happens in our life has a profound meaning. Based on the law of cause and effect, the greater the efforts we make for kosen-rufu, the greater our future happiness. This is something that will become clearly apparent when we look back later." 

(Page C, February 15th World Tribune") 

So today, see if you can turn every "Why me?" Into a "YES ME!" and appreciate and embrace your karma and unique challenges. Make a firm determination that you CAN change anything in your life, and lead others to happiness through your example. 

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