Friday, August 16, 2013

PowerPrayer for Doing Shakubuku ~ Introducing Others to this Practice

Our lives blossom when we introduce others to this practice. (Shakubuku)

Shakubuku is easy, not hard. There are so many people who are seeking the solution to their problems. There are so many who are suffering with no solution, but look at us... We know we can transform any poison into medicine. We are changing our karma right here, right now. I do shakubuku out of compassion for those who are still searching.

I looked for this practice for the first half of my life. I knew it HAD to exist. I kept finding practices that said my desires were the cause of my suffering...and that I somehow had to stop desire in my life and I kept looking. Somehow I KNEW that my desires weren't bad...that they were a part of me, a lovely, beautiful part of me. And I have been so grateful for the last 29 years to be able to chant and sing the story ~ CREATE the story of my life.

So everywhere I go I bring cards. I made them myself but you can usually buy them at the SGI Centers. I have the words Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and the phonetic pronunciation. They also say: Chant these words and become happier than you ever imagined, and have my blog and the contact info for the Chicago Center are on them. I have cards with my own contact information on them too.

I hand people a card, even if I've just met them for a moment at a store, or in line somewhere. 

I say "I just have to let you know about this - Have you ever heard of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo? This is truly amazing. When you chant these words and think about what you want you become happier than you ever imagined."

And if they are interested and want to know more I answer their questions. I usually say something about this being something they can do no matter what religion they are, and that they get to keep  - and chant for - their desires.
I usually mention a recent benefit too! 
Everyone says Thank You!
Almost NEVER does anyone respond negatively. 
And with each person I am planting a seed. It might not sprout now, but it might sprout when the NEXT person tells them, or when a family member starts chanting.  At any rate it it a great cause for YOUR life too!

It all starts with Daimoku.
I chant this PowerPrayer to meet the people who are seeking this practice.
There are Bodhisatvas out there who made the vow to return at this time to prove the power of this law, but they haven't found it yet. YOU can be the one who helps them live out their vow.

PowerPrayer for Shakubuku 
(to introduce others to this practice) 
When you are experiencing benefits and your life is glowing like the sun, you will naturally want to share your secret with other people. 

Simply put, Shakubuku means sharing Nichiren Buddhism with others. From the Japanese, it means “to clear away illusions that prevent one from recognizing the ultimate truth or reality.” This truth is that we are all Buddhas. Every time you share Nichiren Buddhism with others you are doing the work of the Buddha, in helping others to attain happiness by realizing that they are Buddhas, too. Each time, you bring people one important step closer to knowing who they are and their absolute happiness.

Bring me the people who are ready to hear about 
this practice.
Let me meet the people who want to practice right now!
Give me the courage to tell them about it
and the heart and wisdom to touch their lives.
Give me the confidence that 
every time I share Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
I am a planting a seed
and no seed is wasted.
Each seed is a profound cause
for my happiness
for their happiness
for Kosen Rufu.


  1. Thanks for this Prayer. I will surely use it.

    Would you be able to share an image of the shakubuku cards you hand out ? I have been thinking of the same but don't know how to go about it.

  2. Very impressive...nd encouraging

  3. Very helpful, I needed it. Thank you.