Thursday, August 8, 2013

We've Summoned our Obstacles ~ Let's Overcome them TOGETHER! I'm starting a new Million Daimoku Campaign ~ Want to Join Me?

I am so grateful for yesterday's Gosho study. Even though I have been practicing for almost 30 years, I still need refreshers in faith too. 

We are all Buddhas and we are all learning together in our precious SGI. 

I have had a lot of obstacles of all kinds over the last few weeks. Yesterday I studied the August Gosho with an open heart and one thing just sprang out at me. I have always known that the three devils and the four obstacles arise as evidence that we are practicing correctly. Now I realize I have summoned them.

They are natural functions (fundamental darkness ~ not actual devils) that arise as a reaction to our positive actions for Kosen Rufu (World Peace). Obstacles HAVE to arise from our lives so we can clear this fundamental darkness away and reveal our own Buddhahood. 

The Gosho is called "The Three Obstacles and Four Devils" and was written in November of 1277 to the youngest Ikegami Munenega after his brother had been disowned by his father for his faith in Nichiren Buddhism. 

President Ikeda says these things about obstacles:

Though we speak of the "three obstacles and four devils" appearing, no one wishes to have to face adversity. 
That is surely a natural human reaction. 
But Nichiren says that 
the appearance of the three obstacles and four devils 
is a source of JOY. 
How could that be? It doesn't seem possible. 
But it is, in fact, 
by overcoming the steep hills and inclines of obstacles 
we can forge our lives 
and ascend the summit of Buddhahood, 
where we can savor the sublime vista of 
eternity, happiness, true self and purity."

He goes on to say:

"We need to "own" them as something we ourselves have summoned up...we are in charge, we are the protagonists...the struggle against the three obstacles and four devils is indeed a great joy."

President Ikeda goes on to say:
"As Nichiren Daishonin writes: "When a tiger roars, gales blow; when a dragon intones, clouds gather" (The Workings of Brahma and Shakra," WND-1, 799) When we adopt this attitude ~ "I summoned this storm!" ~ our hearts will be filled with the bright sense of hope and purpose." (All quotes from the August Living Buddhism, pages 21, 22) 

OKAY! I summoned my obstacles and problems. I get it! 
Now I am redetermining to vanquish them and starting a new Million Daimoku Chart. You can download a Daimoku Chart for yourself at

I am starting today. I am determined to chant a million Daimoku by the end of 2013, and I have many goals to fulfill by November 18th ~the day we open the new castle for Kosen Rufu in Tokyo - The SGI World Headquarters. There are 300 hours in a Million Daimoku Campaign. 
That averages to chanting 1 1/2 hours a day to finish One Million Daimoku by the end of the year, and three hours a day to finish by November 18th. I don't know if I can commit to three hours a day, but I will definitely finish by the end of the year or sooner.  

I am making a long list of what I plan on overcoming and I can share a couple of highlights with you:

I am determined to live a courageous life and overcome fear in any of its forms. 

I am determined to live my absolute best life each and every chant strong daimoku and never be defeated - not even for a single moment.

I am determined to have a signed publishing agreement for The BuddhaZone, PowerPrayers for Chanting Your Way to Absolute Happiness. 

I'm chanting that every single one of you who reads this blog will gain a new understanding, new fire, new conviction in the power of your own life and chant your way to ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS, and share this blog and the SGI with everyone who is suffering and seeking solutions! 

I am determined that the youth in the world and in my district lead lives brimming with hope and enthusiasm! I'm chanting for millions of youth to join the SGI to create lives of hope and happiness and lead us all to Kosen Rufu!

I'm chanting for the health and happiness of all my family members. 

Please join me! Write me at and let me know that we are joining together to WIN!!! 

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    Ths is a wonderful post. These days I have also encountered a devil attack and I succumbed to it :-(
    I was keeping away frm the last one year but 2 days before, I lost control and gave in to the temptation. Since then, I am feeling vry low and depressed.
    Does ths mean tht all my previous efforts are wasted and now I have to undergo punishment even though I am now repenting..