Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chanting a Million Daimoku! And some Guidance Involving Addiction or Drug usage

A few days ago I issued a challenge to you to see if you'd want to chant a million Daimoku (300 hours) with me by the end of the year and many of you responded YES! And that means chanting 2 hours a day from now until them. 

But you know, if you don't want to chant two hours a day you can still join us - you can just end your campaign later than the end of the year. You can chant one hour, or as much as you can every day. The important thing is to have a chart with either 300 spaces (1 per hour) or 300 spaces divided up by 4 (1200 spaces total ~ each counts as 15 minutes) and then set your goals. 

It is only 99 days until November 18th right now. We all have goals that we want to accomplish by November 18th. 

And if you don't ~ now is the perfect time to set them! 

Make big goals. 

November 18th, as you may know is the anniversary of the day the Soka Gakkai was founded, and the day that Tsunesaburo Makiguchi died in prison at the age of 72 for refusing to give up his beliefs. AND it is the day the new World Headquarters of the Soka Gakkai will open, establishing a new age of Soka Gakkai Buddhism on the World's stage. I have huge goals towards this day ~ I hope you do too! 

So with that in mind I hope you'll consider joining us on our shared Million Daimoku Campaign. Just send me an email at Ask me any questions you have about chanting a million Daimoku. And think about what deep seated karma you want to change. Make Your List!

And be prepared to encounter obstacles! I just started this two days ago and already I am pleased to report that I have SUMMONED some great obstacles! Yaaayyy! And I got some great guidance which I will share with you now. 

Someone I care about is having trouble with drugs, and, of course, I am very concerned. This morning I was up and out of the house by 7:30 am to go to the Chicago Buddhist Center to chant my two hours of Daimoku. Chanting with others always makes the time fly. 

At a break in the chanting I talked to my new wonderful women's region leader about the drug problem. She told me that she has a niece who had a very hard time with addictions, and the guidance she (my region leader) received was to chant to eradicate ANY and every bit of her OWN karma that was tied to addiction in any way, and that her prayer to eradicate this karma in HER own life would spread across her family line. Her niece is now in rehab and is embracing this practice. Chanting. Cool. OK I can do this. I will chant with renewed focus and use MY life and my determination to help others. I will root that tendency (to want to escape) out of my own life. 

Human Revolution at work, right?!

I am so appreciative of my brilliant Soka Gakkai Family. I am chanting and chanting for Shakubuku and for the happiness and strength of members worldwide. It is my greatest treasure to know YOU, and I love hearing from you. Please let me know if you're joining the Million Daimoku Campaign. Let's all change our karma together! 

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  1. After chanting for 2 hours I felt totally emptied and mindless.Honestly, a daily quantum of about 10 minutes drives me nuts already. It takes at least half a day to recover. Thanks for the advise anyway.

  2. You are so inspiring and motivating.. I challenged myself to complete 1 million Daimoku by November 18th, 2020 and fell so sick that cost me two weeks time. I was really perturbed about how I would make up for the lost time and I was accustomed to chant only two hours a day. I shared this dilemma with one of my senior leaders and she told me that obstacles were ought to arise when you make a determination or goal but you don't have to give up.. Chant with determination towards the goal without taking pressure. I got so inspired and something ignited the fire in me and I started chanting 3 hours 20 minutes to 4-4.5 hours a day.. And I have determined to accomplish all of my goals, complete 1 million Daimoku and report my victory to Sensei on November 18, 2020