Wednesday, August 7, 2013

PowerPrayer for Absolute Happiness

What is Absolute Happiness? 

It is unshakable confidence in our OWN life.
It is the knowledge that 
what we do makes a difference... 
Who we ARE makes a difference...
Our lives are meaningful everyday, and we are using our potential to bring out the best in ourselves and others. 

Absolute Happiness is being strong 
in the face of any blowing wind
and having the courage to sit down, once more, face the Gohonzon (our lives) and chant truthfully with a seeking spirit to be able to change on the inside so that what we can overcome any hardship or reach any goal. 

Absolute Happiness is 
NEVER being defeated...
never giving up, 
and somehow,having the faith to en-courage others even while facing our own storms. 
Absolute happiness lies in being able to chant wholeheartedly for others, no matter whether we feel they wronged us or not. It is the knowledge that we are all connected, and when we light the way for another, we light it for ourselves. 
Absolute happiness is KNOWING that every one of our obstacles or problems can be a springboard for growth, a reason to chant harder with deeper concentration, and for a longer time...and that we WILL win!
Absolute happiness is knowing that never, never, never is the way lost, because we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, we have a wise mentor in life, and we have our friends in the Soka Gakkai by our sides. 

The following is an excerpt from our upcoming book

The BuddhaZone, 
           PowerPrayers for Chanting Your Way 
                                           to Absolute Happiness

PowerPrayer for Absolute Happiness

You have arrived! Go ahead, chant your way to absolute happiness. We've done it. We've proved the power of this prayer. Now it's your turn. If we can do it, you can do it.

Core Strengthening PowerPrayer to chant when experiencing unhappiness of any kind

I am determined to experience my brilliant Buddha-self. 
I am determined to raise my life condition. 
I am determined to develop a strong— 
core of life 
so that NOTHING 
will bring me to this state of unhappiness ever again. 
I am determined to strengthen my life 
from deep within 
and to radiate happiness wherever I go. 
I don't CARE if unhappiness 
keeps rearing its ugly head along the way. 
I WILL WIN and I will defeat it forever. 
I will defeat you, unhappiness.
I am determined to become happy so I can inspire others to become happy. 
If I can become happy, anyone can become happy.
As I am chanting I am strengthening my life now!
I now embrace absolute happiness 

as my mission.
I will use my happiness to inspire others to chant! 

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