Friday, August 9, 2013

Join Us as We Chant A Million Daimoku by the end of the Year

This is a momentous year for the SGI. On November 18th the new world headquarters will be completed in Tokyo. Many of us have big goals that we intend to complete by that time. You can set goals to achieve by then as well. 

Yesterday I decided that I was facing a lot of challenges, and that NOW was a great time to begin a Daimoku Campaign. I thought about having it end by November 18th, but that would mean chanting three hours a day, and I just can't commit to that at this point. So I decided to aim my Daimoku chart for the end of the year - or sooner, and chant at least an hour and a half a day. Would you like to join me? 

If you begin with us now, you will have chanted a million daimoku (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) by the end of the year. You can download a free daimoku chart, buy one at your local SGI center for about a dollar or make your own. One million Daimoku equals 300 hours. I'm not sure who first figured that out, but it's the formula everyone uses. To reach that total by the end of the year we each have to chant an hour and a half ~ are you up for the challenge?

Already many of you have emailed and said "YES~! I'm IN!" and some of you have also sent your goals for the campaign. 

How do you launch a Daimoku Campaign? 

First, DECIDE to do it. Find a way to track. I like the Daimoku chart I got at the SGI Center because it has little circles to fill in for every 15 minutes I chant. 
(It has 4 circles for every hour so 4 x 300 hours means there are 1200 little circles)
I always write in the date after I fill in the circles so I don't lose track. It makes chanting even more fun, I think, because every day you have a goal and track it. And on the chart, or on the back of the chart you write all your goals. 

I remember chanting a million daimoku towards the birth of my first child. I wasn't even pregnant before I started the chart. I chanted for the maturity to be a good mother, I chanted for a house to raise my child, to have a great relationship with my husband, for the child to be healthy, to have a safe delivery, and a good income to take care of everything. I found a job where I earned sales commissions that went up and up and up, and only worked three days a week. We bought a beautiful house on the top of a hill in San Francisco and I started having SGI meetings. And I poured Daimoku into the child that was coming to me. I chanted that this child's karma would be totally affected by all my daimoku and that this child would not have to suffer from all the things I did as a child. I chanted so hard for this child, and every one of my goals came true. 

Will all your goals manifest with one Daimoku Chart? That I can't tell you. But I can tell you you'll be a lot closer to them for having made a strong determination and completed it. And if you still have things you want to accomplish - well then, you start another million daimoku campaign! I have done many in my life and I feel the effects of them every day. 

If you have questions, or if you want to let me know you are joining us please email me at You can even send your picture and your determinations. Maybe I will share some of them on this site (never without your permission, of course!). And I look forward to sharing all our successes!