Monday, August 19, 2013

Do You Have a Dream? The Power of the Gohonzon Has No Limits

….Sensei Says - Do You Have A Dream….
“Many of us have some problems that we avoid chanting about, because we are afraid to look at them directly and prefer not to think about them. Others may have dreams locked up in their hearts that they are afraid to admit even to themselves let alone chant for, because they feel they do not deserve to be happy, or because they are afraid of being disappointed should they not succeed in attaining their goal.
Nichiren Daishonin teaches us that the power of the Gohonzon has no limit. It is we who impose limits on it with our doubts and fears. How tragic it would be if, having encountered the Mystic Law, we could not fully enjoy it's benefit because we lacked the courage to pray with all our hearts for what we truly wanted.
Surely nothing would be more bitter than to have to look back over one's life and feel, 'I never accomplished what I really wanted to.'
Nichiren Daishonin, out of his compassion, teaches us how to live so that we will have no regrets. Since we have been fortunate enough to meet the Gohonzon, why don't we place our full trust in it, pray courageously for what we desire and fulfill all our dreams in this lifetime.”
Daisaku Ikeda

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  1. So what exactly is the Gohonzon? When practitioners are chanting to it, what is happening? I saw "Whats Love Got To Do With It", and in it Tina Turner's friend mentioned chanting is like life's mirror. Is the Gohonzon like a mirror and chanting to it is like praying to your subconscious mind? Or is it some magical scroll that grants wishes, which I doubt. I have read different online articles that explains chanting and what the Gohonzon is but not really how it works. Because a lot of it seems like the law of attraction. And with the law of attraction focusing on the power of the mind, What would the need be for the Gohonzon? Or chanting for that matter.