Thursday, August 22, 2013

PowerPrayer for Revealing YOUR Buddhahood - Your Brilliant Sparkling and Powerful Self

PowerPrayer for Revealing 
Your Buddha Nature 
and Appreciating YourSELF

"I chant to reveal the pure, sparkling Diamond
of resilience, strength, wisdom-heart
that lies within me. 
I chant to be more and more aware 
of how wonderful I am every single day. 
that every cause I make, 
at every single moment of every day 
is a great cause for my life, 
and all of life, 
and leads me to see more and more of my Buddha nature. 
I chant that my Buddha Nature emerge 
and flow from my life touching everyone I see. 
I chant that I see my life 
as the brilliant sparkling Diamond that it is. 
I chant that throughout the day 
I say only kind words to myself. 
That I praise myself with my every thought. 
I chant to believe in my own goodness 
and to see it revealed in my actions. 
I pray to realize my life as the Buddha I am.
I chant that those around me 
are inspired to begin chanting, 
or to strengthen their practice 
just by seeing my happiness flow. 
I chant to meet the people 
who are looking for the Mystic Law 
and to be able to help them practice.

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