Saturday, August 24, 2013

Experience from a Reader

Hi Jamie,

I wish to share an experience with you which happened just yesterday. It was 11:30 am and I was in the middle of my morning gongyo followed by daimoku, when I suddenly heard a big noise outside. It's been raining continuously since the last 3 days in my city so I thought it was probably thunder. However I continued to chant... After a few minutes my helper came running to me saying that the tree in front of our house had been uprooted and it fell right on our building... 
The tree was huge, and I got really worried for a moment. My mother was away from home and father at work. 
But when I went to check, with the protection of the Gohonzon my building was untouched. The tree fell just a few inches away, without damaging any of our windows or the walls. Two trees that had grown on their own right in front of my house held that huge tree for hours and prevented it from falling further till the local corporation people came and removed the tree...

The consequences of this could have been a lot worse, but I am so grateful to the Gohonzon and god for protecting all of us, and all those people who were outside on the street at the time when this incident took place. I chanted in the evening expressing deep gratitude for being so kind to us and looking over us... I thought I must share this with you as well... We realized yesterday, once again how blessed we are and how powerful this practice is :)

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