Monday, August 19, 2013

The Universal PowerPrayer

I heard Linda Johnson, the incredible SGI-USA Women's Division leader talk about the Universal Prayer a few years ago. She talked about a person suffering from a jaw disease. She recommended they chant the Universal Prayer and they were able to cure their disease. I had never heard of this prayer, but I've been chanting it ever since. This is my version of it, feel free to devise your own. I like to picture every single one of you in front of your Gohonzons chanting, and feel my prayer going straight to you. I pray just like this:

Universal PowerPrayer

Every Daimoku I chant
reaches every other person who is chanting
I deepen the power of my faith by 10,000
so that all who are chanting can also deepen their faith, spread the word of this great teaching 
to those still suffering
become absolutely happy
and create a happy and peaceful world!

I chant that every single person who is chanting 
feels the full power 
sees the full power
experiences the full power
of this faith in their lives. 

I chant for all members to have faith
receive incredible 
and to know, within their DNA itself 
within every cell in their body
that this practice works!

I chant for all who are chanting. 
May my prayer increase the power of their prayer! 

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  1. Wow, that is very sweet, thank you, I will do the same, thank you for sharing!