Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Can You Accomplish By Chanting?

What can you accomplish through chanting? 

You can change your problems, your attitude, your basic life tendencies and your karma!

The power of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 
is bigger than your biggest problem. 

"There are many elements involved in a prayer being answered, but the important thing is to keep praying until it is. By continuing to pray, you can reflect on yourself with unflinching honesty and begin to move your life in a positive direction on the path of earnest, steady effort. Even if your prayer doesn't produce concrete results immediately, your continual prayer will at some time manifest in a form greater than you had ever hoped." 
~ President Ikeda  (From Faith in Action page 152)

What are some examples of actual proof I've accomplished through chanting?

I have raised my life condition permanently from a state of sadness to one of almost continual happiness. 

When you raise your life condition EVERYTHING changes. People around you change. Opportunities come more easily. Everything changes because YOU have changed on the inside and because of the interconnectivity of all of life your environment has to change to reflect those changes.

As Nichiren Daishonin says in the Gosho The Three Kinds of Treasure: "Buddhism teaches that when the Buddha nature manifests itself from within, it will obtain protection from without. This is one of its fundamental principles.

I have permanently changed the following in my life:

Hopelessness - I now look forward to every day
Depression - Now almost nonexistent for me
Anxiety - Almost NEVER do I feel anxiety now.
Sadness - I am truly a different person now...
Fear - Hardly ever...
Loneliness - I went from having very few friends to having many friends, and to being happier when I'm alone as well. 
Health - I am healthier than I've ever been. 


I have alleviated the feeling of endless longing for what I do not or cannot have. Words cannot describe how wonderful this benefit has been for me. 
I've lost 50 pounds and feel younger and stronger than ever.
I just sent my book off yesterday to an agent. I am living the life of my dreams. This, along with the blog you are reading now is my greatest passion....helping people alleviate their suffering by introducing them to Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

I have peace of mind.

The list goes on and on.....

There are also many other categories of changes people have made in their lives. 

I remember chanting for my first car. I chanted for a reliable car for kosen-rufu (world peace) so that I could drive people to SGI meetings in San Francisco. 
I chanted for a beautiful house to hold Buddhist meetings in...one that would inspire people that anything was possible!
I'll never forget the looks on the movers' faces when they arrived at my beautiful kosen rufu home on the hill with the gorgeous view! It was such a contrast from my tiny little apartment on lower Nob Hill in San Francisco! 
And I've chanted for financial benefits. We need money to live and to give us opportunities. 
It is not bad to chant for money. Money is necessary. 

You can chant for anything. 
Family Relationships
Happiness for others
You are accessing the power within your own life. 

There are so many things... feelings...experiences... that you can chant for. And the biggest benefit of all is that as you are chanting for these things you are developing a stronger sense of self...a stronger inner core...a strength so powerful that NO PROBLEM CAN DEFEAT YOU. EVER. That is truly the best benefit of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
And remember that when you chant you are not asking anyone for anything...you are drawing power from your own precious life! Go YOU!

I'm celebrating today. Readership this blog is getting close to 1,000 a day! Thanl you so much for helping me reach my goal of 50,000 a month by November 18th! Thank you for passing the link chantforhappiness.com 
on to your fellow members, friends, family and anyone you want to introduce to this practice, or encourage. And thank you for passing it on to people who speak languages other than English since there's a translation button on the top right ...And thank you so much for writing me. I love knowing what is on your mind and I adore hearing your successes. I am so grateful to you.


  1. wonderful Post....

    I completely agree with this as i can see the same changes n my lyfe ........

  2. Hi Jamie,

    My name is Delores Airey, I am from the UK and I’ve been a member of SGI UK for 2 and a half years now.

    I love your blog.

    I am now at a point in my life where I need help and, one evening when I was feeling down, before I settled down to chant and do Gongyo, I Googled how to chant for happiness. Among all the information that appeared as a result, your blog stood out. Once I started reading your blog, I began to feel better. Your words gave me upliftment and drive to continue chanting, even during hard times with the belief that I will overcome my problems. Thank you.

    On the subject of your book, I sincerely hope that your book, you sent off to the agent, will become a great success. I enjoyed reading your story about the book in need of editing etc the other evening but didn’t know where to find what happened next. I went onto your blog this evening just for a casual read and learned the outcome of your book without searching for the information related to your book update. I didn't think I would find it because your blog is quite huge and I did ot make a note of the date I had read about the editing of the book. WOW!! The Mystic Law took me straight to the info. related to the update of your book.

    Finally, more intriguing things have happened since finding your blog that will be too much to write about now.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog and I will keep reading your postings. Oh, before I forget, I chanted with you on your video of the closed Butsudan.

    Best wishes,
    Delores Airey
    Nam myo-ho renge kyo

    P.S. I have sent you a Linkedin invitation if you accept, I would be very happy.

  3. Thanks for the blog.
    It really encouraged me.Since i do not get enough time to regular read value creation.I prefer reading the teachings online and your blog had beautifully explained what can we chant for.Please keep posting