Monday, August 5, 2013

Quote from Sensei

From Daisaku Ikeda:

BUDDHISM elucidates three types of filial piety or natural obligations to parents. Giving one’s parents material goods such as clothing and food is the lowest type of filial piety. Respecting the desires of one’s parents is the middle type. And leading one’s parents to Buddhahood with the Mystic Law is the highest type.
PLEASE do not forget your mother’s love and the hardship she has endured for you. I am convinced that while a person keeps memory of his mother’s loving face alive in his mind, he will never go far astray. Similarly, as long as we bear in mind the Daishonin’s profound compassion and live in deep appreciation of it, our lives will be illuminated brightly by the light of Buddhahood.
In faith, one’s heart is of the utmost importance. A rainbow of beauty and hope shines splendidly in the lives of people who advance harmoniously for the betterment of society with a pure heart.
Social rules and common sense should be followed. We should abide by the laws and rules of society, and as believers in true Buddhism, we should never break such rules.
We must face each issue that crops up, without flinching, solve it, overcome it and move on to the next. That is what human life is really about. That is what it is to be alive. When you triumph over your sufferings, they will all be transformed into joy. And you yourself will grow and expand your life state.

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