Friday, August 9, 2013

Experience in Faith to Start Your Weekend!

From a reader from India who now lives in the US:

I started this practice in 2005. I moved to the US from India in 2003 all alone. As per indian tradition I got married in 2004. My marriage was not successful; we had lots of hardship during my marriage. 
I left the house so many times but always came back due to lack of courage and I was always scared what people would think. But somehow I got connected to my friend who had moved to the US. She introduced me to this wonderful practice. 

At first I chanted alone and not much. Whenever I would feel lonely, I always chanted (as my family as in India). I never wanted to tell them what I was going through. One day I got into big fight with my Ex and the next day I chanted - if this relationship is not going to work then I should know right away. 
No wonder, within 1 month I was out of that house. Not sure where that courage came from but I was really happy that I made that decision. Since then my faith is stronger and stronger day by day and I have never looked back. 

I used to chant for hours and received benefits beyond my imagination. A few years later I was chanting for a partner who would accept me with my chanting. I am married now and my partner fully supports my practice.  
I even have my own chanting room in my home (Beyond my imagination). I have two wonderful kids. I always chanted for a Harmonious family. My husband is so understanding and kind hearted that at one time in my life it seemed impossible. 

I have succeeded in my professional life as well. I will share that experience later. 

At the end all I can say this practice is my soul. 

Nothing is impossible - Keep chanting. 

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