Friday, August 2, 2013

Persistence Can be Frustrating! I KNOW~ But it is the only way ~

As Soka Gakkai members who base their lives on the mystic law, we are changing ourselves, and the world, through our prayers, and I know, we all know, that some prayers are just harder to manifest, right? And they seem to be different things for different people. Some people fall in love and marry their soulmate and are happy for life...others search and search and chant and chant and still have to persevere to find the love of their lives. Some are born healthy and stay healthy and others fight for their health over and over...some have great get the picture. 

But it all comes down to one thing, our karma. 
If we really do persevere, and TELL our lives what we want we will eventually achieve it. 

My co-leader Kathy was out of work for over a year, then she got a job that did not turn out to be the right job for her and she was laid off again. This time she said - 

"No way! I am changing this karma forever and I will find the job that I deserve so that I can encourage others for Kosen Rufu" 
- and she began chanting 3 hours a day. 

She only had to do that for a few months and now she has a job where she feels really appreciated and she's learning all kinds of new things. 
If we want to succeed we have to dig in and wrestle our karma to the ground. It's August 2nd, what new determination can you create within your life for you? 

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    thank you for your great encouraging blog. I'm struggling with chanting more. Could you talk more about how are benefits related to chanting more- is it necessary more than 10 minutes, why gongyo in the morning and afternoon. How much to chant to achieve benefit; I know it differes but your experience - how much. Thank you.